Does your car need cleaning but you don’t have time?

Your car is your pride and joy! You don’t like taking it through the carwash, because of the damage that you can sustain from them? And it’s just the exterior of the car that gets washed?

Do you have a company car that needs cleaning, a horse float, motor-home, caravan or even the camper?

The friendly team at KD’z Car Grooming, Whangarei, have all the services that would suit your car valet needs. We can just wash n shine the exterior of your vehicle, or we can do a full ultimate clean grooming service.

Our friendly team at KD’z will valet your car to what suits you.

We can valet your vehicle, from detailing the interior starting with a dust off, then wipe over to clean the dirt and mud off the pedals, the plastic trims, surfaces of the dash console and all side and back panels.

Seats and carpets can be vacuumed and we have an extra service where we can shampoo the carpets, upholstery & hood-lining at your request.One of our services include an engine bay degrease, another service includes the cleaning of door jams.

With local company vehicles, we have a pick-up & delivery service - some conditions may apply.

To find out more send us an email, give us a call on (09) 430 0020 or drop in to 16a Herekino Street, Whangarei, to discuss your options with the friendly team at KD'z Car Grooming Services.


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